Providing custom logistics services for small and
medium-sized businesses

LogiKit prides itself on its high level of customization when it comes to managing outsourced logistics. Thanks to our dedicated personnel, we are able to tailor our services to each customer’s operations with high quality and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

What we do

LogiKit serves small and medium-sized businesses that operate in industries ranging from household appliances to the industrials sector. We specialize in helping companies that face specific order-preparation challenges that they lack the internal resources to allocate to.

Providing custom kitting solutions for low volume
and bulky product bundles that requirea high level of manual work.


We provide contract packaging services for bulky products such as furniture and industrial hardware.

Contract Packaging

We provide storage and transportation services which may include inventory management and cross-docking solutions.

Logistics services

We help smaller businesses drive down their sourcing costs by leveraging our purchasing power and extensive supplier network in industries such as electronics and industrial hardware.

Outsourced procurement

About Us

LogiKit was created by a team of professionals with extensive experience in manufacturing and logistics. Throughout the years, we noticed that small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to deal with certain aspects of their business operations such as packaging, assembly, kitting and order management.

Industries we serve



Household appliances



Our positive impact on your business

If your company ships large items to a customer, we may have the custom solution you need to improve your business’ operations by addressing one of the following:

Decrease operations costs

Increase product availability

Maintain on-time deliveries

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